Patrick Lam

Thoughts and travels of Patrick Lam


I am not teaching in calendar 2020.

Here’s some of the courses that I’ve taught in the past.

  • [S19] SE490: Design Project 1
  • [W19, W17, W10, W09] SE465: Software Testing, Quality Assurance & Maintenance (sometimes under ECE 453/CS447 numbers) [github]
  • [W19, W18, W15, W14, W13, W11] ECE459: Programming for Performance [github]
  • [F18, F16] SE 101: Introduction to Methods of Software Engineering [F18, F16]
  • [S12, F08] ECE750-T5, Spring 2012: Static Analysis for Software Engineering.
  • [S11, W11] ECE155: Engineering Design for Embedded Systems. [S11 syllabus, <a href="teaching/ece155-w11.pdf"W11 syllabus]
  • [F10] ECE 251: Programming Languages and Translators
  • [W08] ECE 493T3: Component-Based Software Engineering
  • [S06] COMP 302 (McGill): Programming Languages and Paradigms [syllabus]